Fast Food War Files: Big Hardee & BK 99¢ Double Cheeseburger

Fast Food War Files is an investigative series on the wartime propaganda, battles, promotional offers and menu weaponry of fast food restaurants.

The War has reached a combative level not seen since the French Fry Crisis of the late 1990's. Perhaps exacerbated by the current economic crisis, both Hardee's & Burger King have recently created commercials attacking McDonald's directly on issues of quality and cost in the burger arena.

The Battle of Gut-buster
Big Hardee vs Big Mac (click to view weapon specs)

While watching USF beat FSU on Saturday (17-7) I saw this wartime propaganda from Hardee's.

The sound wasn't on at the sports bar where we were watching the game; it wasn't needed. The ad is a beautiful blend of snark and trash-talk, and believable. It made me question the current regime.

The BH stops the BM

The Big Hardee is a scorched earth policy on a bun and is cheaper than a Big Mac. The gluttonous feast of 3 smoky grease patties and (too-much) saucy gooeyness is sure to block the lower GI-track of any innocent civilian. The Big Mac's organized, bready, 2-patty dryness feels less like a wartime atrocity on a sesame seed. The big disadvantage of Hardee's is their lack of base camps from which to disperse this weapon.

The 99¢ Double Cheeseburger Conflict
BK Double Cheeseburger vs McDouble (click to view weapon specs)


Burger King
announced they will begin the "...launch of a highly competitive value proposition [HCVP]" at McDonalds' customers and the populace in general starting October 19, 2009. A HCVP is a compact device containing, "two flame-broiled burger patties of flame-fresh beef, crunchy pickles, ketchup, mustard and two slices of American cheese on a sesame seed bun" for only $1. Tipped off by a television commercial, this intrepid reporter was able to intercept a HCVP only yesterday in the Tampa Bay area. The receipt currently rings up "promo", though I don't recall the tv commercial source stating it was for a limited time.

This value burger race was intensified by McDonald's recent advancements with their value double cheeseburgers. Not so long ago, McDonald's upped the price of their double cheeseburger and created the "McDouble" to fill the dollar menu spot. The only difference between the two burgers being a single piece of cheese (That's right, one piece of cheese is worth appx. $0.20 retail). The streamlined McDouble represented a clear and present danger to Burger King.

Getting the most bang for your buck is important in war and food and BK wins this round. They provide a sesame seed bun, two pieces of cheese and crunchy, crinkle cut pickles and the ability to customize other toppings. Wendy's Double Stack is the non-security counsel member caught in the crossfire of this conflict.

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