DSC Sightings

Walked down to the bank today to conduct some budget business and found more discarded shopping carts about, also some Sandhill Cranes oggling peoples smoothies.

DSC sighted:

Cart #1.091809 & #2.091809
Origin: Costco & Linens N' Things
Distance from Origin: .1 miles, .5 miles
Found: Out back of the Suntrust bank, hiding in the shade from the hot Florida sun.
27°55'14.37"N 82°19'41.05"W

Cart #3.091809
Origin: WalMart
Distance from Origin: .4 miles
Leftover beer cans indicate the perp may have been guilty of Pushing While Intoxicated (I'll be here all week).

Cart Group#4.091809
Origin: WalMart
Distance from Origin: .2 miles
These carts were all stacked together by some unknown entity. They were put as close to the source as possible, maybe someone from across the street will notice them?

This has nothing to do with DSC, but it's a photo you can only get in Florida.

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