I'm 30...damn

Highlights of the past decade: got off dial-up, church ppt announcement, college class, got a roommate, Avenger, had kitchen ceiling collapse, lived off of McD's burgers for a month, Young Life, lived off of cuban sandwiches for a month, blue arcs of electricicty, 9/11, moved to non-crap apt, got another roommate, darts on the patio w/ christmas lights year round, got fat, got skinny, got fat, street sign collection, near-death of roommate, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, got AA from HCC, got fired for 1st time, lived on campus at university, joined "The Facebook", met people from Japan, met other cool people, lost hair, Lip-Sync contest, A2 Tshirts, learned to play tennis, golf, & disc-golf; went to Carabelle (smallest police station), Birmingham, Nashville, Miami, Chicago, Memphis, Tupelo, Cleveland, Dayton, Cincinatti, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Grand Canyon, & Hoover Dam; Parthenon, dated for first time, kissed girl for first time, lived on a futon couch in a 500 sqft apt w/ a dog & roommate, domestic disputes next door, worked in a restaurant, got BA degree, got a "real job", got a much bigger apt w/ roommate & dog, Tivo, truck, family dog died, kittens & Dickens, got married, sex, got laid off, collected unemployment, seen 100's of movies, read dozens of books, Kansas, Styx, NIN, Jane's Additction, DMB (in a helluva storm) & Jet (HoB) in concert, seen friends & family married, had friends go off/come back from war, record collection, Blu-Ray disc, Twitter, The Aspiring Curmudgeon, & forgotten things

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