Monday Monday so good to me

I awoke to the sound of the trumpet wailing, blaring waking me down to the noise of the wind through a pipe like a knife in my head sunnyshine in my day no where to go need to work on it you know too much due to these new post I'm making awake and it's @round 11:00 I begin by getting clean low pressure from a spring soft water bubbles foaming clean shave and off i'm going in an a/c challenged car a freon tank too far from full to AAA to get re-ensured of insurance for the state demands it so i empty the account of all the funds and hope the wires cross in timely order to ensure the insure money clears without causing overdraw due to card checking dealings I'm feeling low paying job need another but summer beckons to be played go to far side of the world to pick up Sean then we're gone to Tampa Theatre 'Life of Brian' seeing as how i look on the bright side of life slow need to get a better pay for force through a distance to get back to the house and pick up the hard drive external to upload to Sean's new one all the fun songs and programs we share some conversation about girls hot on the TB Storm squad Sean not far yesterday was today now past the midnight hour so like that's right a flower i'll close and await for flame reliant on the spark to start a Stanley Cup game gonna win in 5 Barnacles at 8.
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