iOS5 Wireless Sync Issue: Resolved!

Wi-Fi sync button was grayed out on iPhone 4 after updating to iOS5. Much like in this discussion on apple.com. I was bummed. The discussion helped me figure it out.

So just in case you are having a similarly frustrating issues here's how I got it working on my phone:

Note: When I started I had the "Sync with this IPhone over Wi-Fi" box already checked from prior attempts. Running Windows 7, iTunes 10.5.

Turned off Windows Firewall
Reset cable modem & wireless router

While iPhone connected by cable, unchecked "Sync with this...Wi-Fi" box.
Cable Sync
Checked "Sync with this...Wi-Fi
Cable Sync

Unplugged & worked!

BUT Then I turned on the firewall...killed the connection.
Turned off firewall
Went in to Inbound Rules
Deleted Bonjour Service Rules
Delteted iTunes Service Rules
Closed iTunes
Turned on firewall
Restarted iTunes
The Windows Security Alert popped up for iTunes.exe
Allowed access Private Network


Feel fairly certain it was the firewall all along, but resetting the modem & router probably didn't hurt.
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