Discarded Shopping Carts

It's just as easy to stumble upon a shopping cart in the suburban sprawl of Tampa as it is a dead body in a police procedural. Discarded shopping/grocery carts are strewn along roads like so many empty beer cans and possum carcasses.

I walk to get my lunch because I am an unemployed leech on my family and want to conserve that most precious of all resources, money. Even the food is free (no, I don't dumpster dive). A wad of coupons for free "twice-pile" burgers acquired about a year ago keeps me nourished. I found three discarded carts while making the one mile trek in the scorching humidity of summertime Florida to get my free food.

Seeing them in the various positions and locations made me liken them to a crime scene. They were taken illegally (local ordinances prohibit removal from companies' premises), and left by the abductor in positions demeaning to their function. Hell, one is in a lake.

Drowned Cart a 100 yards from my apt
In front of office condo park, 100 yards from 1st cart
Drainage runoff area between WalMart & the Mall (not near bus stop)
This last one was found at a later date and time, in a different part of town.
Ditched Cart, by diff complex, near CVS
This is the beginning of a collection of pictures featuring these thrown away baskets-on-wheels. Take some of your own and email them to me and I'll post them on a later date.

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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only crazy person who thought to document this ;)


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