DSC sightings

Yesterday I posted the beginnings of a photo collection of discarded shopping carts found around the greater Brandon, Florida area. Here's what I found today while taking care of mundane chores. I'm going to start trying to include more info about the origin of the cart, distance from origin (by road & as the crow flies), and whatever other info I can think of that might be pertinent.

Cart #1.061809 -
Origin: Ross
Distance from Origin: 1.3 miles, .6 miles

Cart #2.061809 -
Origin: Target
Distance from Origin: .6 miles, .3 miles
Discarded location: Down from Home Depot, Target is across the intersection in the background

Cart #3.061809 -
Origin: Albertsons
Distance from Origin: .8 miles, .3 miles
Discarded location: Parking lot entrance of Home Depot, across from Target

Cart #4.061809
Origin: Michael's
Distance from Origin: 1 mile, .6 miles
Discarded location: retention pond between Sam's Club & Buddy Freddy's (across an 8 lane highway from origin)

Potential DSC sighting: Local caught in the act of transporting her recently purchased 28" television set from CompUSA!. Nearest apartment complex following the roads is .6 miles away.

It would appear that all carts remain within a mile radius of their origin. Have you had a DSC sighting? Send in your photos and/or information today.

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