Travelogue: Honeymoon Road Trip

My wife and I enjoyed a wonderful honeymoon road trip after being married in Las Vegas. We toured Hoover Dam, visited the Grand Canyon, drove on Route 66, and experienced a taping of The Price Is Right (Airs 4/23 - we're 3rd row center behind contestant row). Below are some random observations from the trip.

Hoover Dam does not allow hard liquor or boomsticks

As my woman and I exited our vehicle to descend the stairs to begin taking in one of the modern wonders of the world, we were surprised to find we had to leave the Jack Daniels and my shotgun in the car. Instead we had to settle for a cube of Natty Ice and my trusty Bowie knife to get us through the tour.

Mastering the lingo of the Great Depression is pretty easy.

The Greenhorn thought he would do a little goldbricking with the Puddlers by slowly cleaning each others banjoes and crutches, but was surprised when a Drilling Jumbo ran over him at The Glory Hole. Needless to say, the employees’ Easy-dough was very agitated.

The Arch Erection Method

Double entendre are a long held tradition at Hoover Dam.

Standing in line at 2am for game show tickets doesn't top my list of "fun" activities

The only time I will stand in line at 2am for television show tickets ever again is if the shows are Conan or TDS/Colbert. That's it. Beyond that, forget it.

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