10 Fake Foursquare Badges (#fk4sqbadges)

Some badges Foursquare should consider. Special thanks to 4squarebadges.com for the reference material.

El Baño
Badge message: You've visited 20 different restrooms! Whatever you did in there, just tell us you washed your hands when you were done!  

How to get it:  Do a search on Foursquare for "restroom".  You need 20 checkins at different places tagged restroom to get this badge.


Badge message: You braved a tornado to give a shout-out while huddled under a mattress in a bathtub.

How to get it: Send a shoutout to a friend on foursquare.  The shout has to include "OMG Tornado destroying house LOL" in the text to count.

Badge message: You’ve "Checked in" at a Supermax prison!

How to get it: Do a search on Foursquare for "supermax". Commit multiple, heinous felonies during a cross-country road-trip culminating in your arrest. Get sentenced to multiple life terms to be served at a maximum security prison. 

Badge message: We know you've created an alternate check-in point for a location that already exist,  created check-in points for places no person could ever set foot, and/or checked-in to places you had not visited! You're account will be terminated shortly.

How to get it: Be a Foursquare asshole.

Badge message:  Looks like you’ve found 3 of your city’s acceptable areas for society's discarded to gather and cling to life!

How to get it: Do a search on Foursquare for "underpass", volunteer at a soup kitchen and ask around, or  follow a parole officer as he/she checks in with registered sex offenders. You need 3 check-ins at different places tagged underpass to get this badge.

Iowa 4 Now*
Badge message:  That’s 25+ check-ins in Iowa for you!

How to get it: Check in 25x anywhere in the the Hawkeye State. 
*May inadvertently complete Agoraphobe badge.

Badge message:  Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtag!

How to get it: Cannot be explained.

Badge message:  You put the bunny back in the box! Crank the Lynyrd Skynyrd!

How to get it: A combo bonus badge. Just unlocked both the SuperMax & JetSetter badges and this will be unlocked too.

Badge message: No Swarm Badges for you! You like it safe and quiet yet yearn for to be socially networked!

How to get it: Check-in 100x to the same location (and no others) in a year's time.


Badge message: !!

How to get it:  !!!

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