Evil Genie Doritos & Other Super Bowl Ads

It's over and the Steeler's strung up a couple of historic Super Bowl first: 1st 100 yard touch down, youngest coach to win, and first team to win 6x. Here in the Tampa burbs, the volunteer fire station's sirens wail out towards the first drunken crashes of the night. Perhaps those involved ran out of magical Dorito's and the universe righted itself from the desire-granting by having them hit by a bus - that will teach them to not stock up on Doritos.

Overall the SB ads weren't very memorable. As a secondary demographic that recognizes most all things 80's, it's interesting to me to see the various references popping up in the commercials, or not. Audi's "Great Chase Scenes Through the Decades featuring Jason Stratham" did a nice job of covering the last 40 years. Was it "Tommy Boy" that I saw on the movie marquee for the 90's segment?

The Dylan/Will.i.am mashup seemed to stick to the boomers and to Gen KeyDemo, by showing the many similarities between them. Boomers are as fun-loving and misguided in their soft drinks selection as any college student on Spring Break today. No Rod Stewart "Forever Young" references for GenX? Does anyone in the Gen KeyDemo even know Dylan? And where was T-Pain?

Speaking of change, there's apparently been a lot in the Fast & The Furious universe between the 1st installment and the latest coming out soon. When asked pre-show what exactly has changed - Vin sputtered and didn't say much. They're older now?

More sirens. Please, once the Evil Doritos Genie is out of the bag, you can't put it back! Keep buying more Doritos. Don't get me started on Chester the passive-aggression devil Cheetah. Also: creepy, 3D, Sobee lizards. Can the Era of Hope with all it's first and change stand up against such things?!

Lastly, my fiance teaches HS Reading & Comprehension. In one of the exercises the students had to write questions about what they just read. One first generation US citizen wrote - "Who is G.I. Joe?"

My future-wife mentioned this to me because she knew I would find this lack of pop culture history blasphemous. Understandable? Yes. But G.I. Joe spans various decades. No sooner did I begin to weep for the future of this country, than a commercial for the live-action G.I. Joe movie came on the screen!

Thank God, Hollywood is raping my child-hood memories to make movies and educate the youth of today on the toy trends of yesterday. (He-Man was recently green lit too!)

Other short notes: Cash4Gold.com is real! Conan is awesome. Leno has nice cars, but needs to step aside for Conan. And the 3D hoopla wasn't that great.

Some more sirens. Be safe out there. If you live in Pittsburg, remember that schools will be on a two hour delay, if it's not an official day off by now.

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